At this very moment I am listening to The Ishbane Conspiracy. It is an amazing book and I recommend it to all of humanity.

Anyways, there is this one line that really speaks to me. Prince Ishbane (the directing demon on this mission) says that “Hell’s landscape is littered with moral, church going vermin (people).”

*mind blown*

I’ve always been aware of the principle of that statement, but never have I heard put in such a manor. The bluntness of it, for me, is more powerful than saying doing good things is not going to get you into heaven.

My pastor has been talking on this as well, these last few weeks. Doing good things does not make you a Christian. Doing good things does absolutely nothing for you. Besides make you feel good. Doing good things is pointless.

The whole point of Christianity is Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Our whole focus should be on Jesus. It’s when we focus our attention on Jesus, on His words, on His commands, we start to change. Our hearts, our minds, and our actions. Our actions become more Christ-like. Instead of doing good things, we start doing the right things.

Okay, that’s all I can figure out how to put into words. So, I may come back to this subject at another time. So, for now, Shalom.


One thought on “What does it mean to be a Christian?

  1. You have a great start. The way to heaven is by the way of the cross. Jesus said that we must do the will of the father. This is first based of our faith in Christ and then the worship of the father. It is our relationship with the father and then our relationship with others. This will be a life well lived.

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