Obsessing, Coping, Hoping.

Obsessing, Coping, Hoping.

That’s kind of a weird title. I’m not sure I like it. Hmph. But it describes what I’m doing right now so… screw it. It stays.

Oh, where to begin? Ha. ha. Let’s start with the END of the title and work backwards from there. Why not?

Hoping. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but just to be sure we are going to go over it. My older brother, Matt, has stage 4 colon cancer. He has a wife and two sons (one of which is no longer with us). Without chemo he has six months or less, with chemo he has two years. He has been doing chemo for two or three months now. On the 21st, he is having a scan done to see what is happening with the innumerable masses in his body. We are praying, hoping, that they will have shrunk and that it will be good news. Fingers crossed.

At the same time, I am coping with the fact that there is a very big chance that it will not be good news. They grew four times their original size in three weeks. He went 4 months without chemo, while healing from the many emergency surgeries. He has a fifty/fifty chance of making it to two years. Oi. So, yeah… hoping for the best expecting the worse, hoping for the best. Story of my life.

On a completely unrelated subject, and mainly because I feel like that all I ever talk about on here is serious stuff, let’s talk obsessing.

Right now, I am marathoning Doctor Who. The new one. So many feelings. OH! THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

Oh, Doctor Who… The Doctor. My doctor is and always will be David Tennant. Ten and Rose. Eleven and River. All the feelings! Oh, but let’s not forget Nine! I love Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor! Anyways, that’s what I’m obsessing right now… In fact, basically at any given point in the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff, I am obsessing something BBC. When I insult people I call them Daleks or Anderson.

My mom asked me a question if I had to choose between Benedict Cumberbatch or David Tennant, who would I pick? After a moment of panic at having to choose, I made my decision. David Tennant. His hair. His smile. His hair. The fact that he is The Doctor. His hair. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Benedict. But if I had to choose, I would have to pick David Tennant. Who would you choose and why?